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We are open 364 days in the year…and yes, even on Boxing Day

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When I first started the company back in 2009, one of my main drivers for doing so was that other companies were not willing to work the hours convenient for landlords and tenants.

I felt there was a gap in the market here that we could fill – a cleaning and maintenance company who worked at times that suited our clients rather than times that suited us.

We have carried this ethos through to this day and I’m proud to say that eleven years later we are still open 364 days per year. Yes… we have one day off and that’s it.

Christmas opening hours

Boxing Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Bank Holidays, Birthdays.. we are open.

We do shut up shop to eat our Turkey and pull a few crackers but other than that .. no problem.

You may be wondering why?

What on earth is the point in opening up on Boxing Day or on New Years day?

Surely nobody wants to move house on those days? Well actually yes they do.

For a start, we live in a multicultural city where not everyone celebrates Christmas.

Secondly, most people have a week or so off after Christmas – it’s the perfect time to move. So, not only are we open, we are really busy during this period.

The world has changed, customers want more than they ever have before. Landlords and Tenants want to use their free time, they don’t want to use up valuable holiday days to move home if they can possibly avoid it. I don’t blame them, I don’t want to either.

So, that’s why we’re open 364 days a year – because that’s what the customers want. It would be much easier for us to shut up shop like everyone else but that goes against everything we’ve been trying to achieve for the last 11 years.

So, this Christmas period we’ll be open, as we always are and always will be. So, if you need a clean and you’re at a loose end on New Year’s Eve, give us a call – 02073241801


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