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Thanks to our cleaners

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This is a quick post to bring some attention to, and show my appreciation for, our amazing teams of cleaners.


These guys and girls have shown amazing resolve and fortitude over the last few months to help us to be able to continue to provide the service our clients have needed.

Whilst the majority of property moves stopped over this time some have still gone ahead and those properties needed to be cleaned – in fact now, it’s even more important than ever.

We have had to introduce some measures to ensure that we are not risking the health of our colleagues or the wider public. These include the normal hygiene and self isolation protocols but we have also stopped people working together unless they live in the same household. This has meant the teams have been smaller and so they have had to adapt to new ways of working.

I can not thank you all enough for what you have done – the positivity with which you have tackled this challenge and the standard of work you have been able to produce in such difficult circumstances has been amazing.

I will leave you all with this… imagine going through what we have all gone through but in another country. One where perhaps you don’t know many people and the language is a struggle for you. Your loved ones may be many thousands of miles away and also facing challenges in their own country. We are very lucky to have our team of amazing cleaners but there are thousands of people around this country in the same position – miles from home, away from their most cherished loved ones and still going out every day and grafting to keep the country’s economy from grinding to a halt.

Thank you to our team – and thank you to all the rest of the foreign workers in the UK who have helped us so much.

Big Love