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Why It Pays To Employ A Professional Cleaning Service For Your Lettings Portfolio


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The private rental market in the UK is a lucrative business, with over 4.4 million households in the UK currently living in rental properties. Property portal, Rightmove, registered their busiest ever day in May 2020, which they attributed to people’s changing circumstances during the UK wide Coronavirus lockdown.

Whether you are a seasoned property professional with a large portfolio or have a handful of properties in the rental market, ensuring you have the right processes in place can reduce a lot of the everyday stresses faced by letting agents and landlords.

As a lettings agent, it’s your responsibility to ensure that any property you manage is up to the best possible standard ready for when new tenants move in. A clean and well-presented property not only allows you to get the best rental price, but also starts a new tenancy on the right foot.

A clean property sets an expectation for your tenants that there should be an unwritten understanding that they will take care of the property too.

One way of ensuring your properties are cleaned to a high standard is to hire a professional cleaning service to handle the cleaning at the end of a tenancy. 

While it can be tempting to think you can take on the end of tenancy cleaning yourself, the more properties you manage the more time consuming this task can become. 

Long term benefits

According to the Deposit Protection Scheme over the last year, 63% of landlords who made a claim against their tenant’s deposit stated it was for cleaning. In many cases, this is caused by the tenant not performing sufficient cleaning before moving out of the property. 

In all instances after a tenant has moved out of a property, you’ll need to ensure that proper cleaning and maintenance has been undertaken ahead of a new tenant moving in. 

What are the benefits of hiring a professional service?

  • Save time – As a busy lettings agent, undertaking property cleaning and maintenance can quickly become a full-time job. Not only is the process time consuming, often you’ll find that the finished job still isn’t up to scratch. 
  • Property wear and tear is slowed – Professional cleaning teams understand the right materials to remove stains, dirt and bacteria on surfaces and will use the right techniques to match the surface that needs to be cleaned.
  • Leave the right first impression – A well-cleaned home is inviting and gives the best first impression possible for prospective tenants.
  • Well-equipped and reliable – You can trust a professional team to do a great job of your properties, leaving you to focus on day-to-day management.
  • Fewer complaints – A common issue is complaints from tenants about cleanliness. End of tenancy cleaning will reduce the likelihood of tenants finding fault with the presentation of the property.

While the above benefits may seem obvious, there is also the hidden cost-benefit of hiring a professional cleaning team. 

In the face of it, hiring a professional team may not seem like an obvious way to save money. However, it’s important to factor in costs for purchasing cleaning equipment, the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning each property and dealing with complaints if your tenants find the cleaning isn’t up to scratch.

Helping you to secure re-lets

Creating a great first impression is important, but what about a lasting one? Premises that are well maintained, cleaned and taken care of will encourage tenants to rent with you and remain in the property for longer. 

In the instances where you need to advertise the property, a professional team can be deployed immediately, reducing the time between the tenant moving out and the property being ready to move into. 

As you can see, it pays to employ a professional cleaning service for your properties, no matter the size of your portfolio. By removing the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining your properties, your agency will have the time to focus on your business, acquire more properties, and boost your profits.

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