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The benefits of end of tenancy cleaning reports

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The benefits of end of tenancy cleaning reports

Once a letting ends and tenants move out, there’s a high chance your property won’t be in the same state as it was before they began living there. So before you can rent the property to new tenants, it’s essential to use an end of tenancy cleaning service to make sure the property is to a high standard.

What is an end of tenancy clean?

As a letting agent, the term ‘end of tenancy cleaning’ is probably a phrase you hear all the time, but what actually constitutes a professional clean? An end of tenancy clean will make sure the kitchen, floors, bathrooms and more are left to a professional cleaning standard using products that are much stronger than what’s on offer in the consumer market. 

What are the benefits of end of tenancy cleaning services?

There are lots of benefits of end of tenancy cleaning. One of the top reasons is simply offering a warmer welcome to tenants as they’ll move into a clean new home. As a tenant, there’s nothing worse than experiencing the exciting build up to moving in, and then finding the property in a dirty and unappealing state once they arrive. It might not sound like a huge deal, but moving tenants into a sparkling clean property is an easy way to make them feel at home. And the happier your tenants are, the higher chance there is of them re-letting, which will give your landlords something to smile about too. 

Why are your cleaning reports just as important as the clean itself?

Another huge benefit of end of tenancy cleans is helping you avoid or overcome disputes relating to the upkeep and condition of your property. The detailed report that is created after a clean is carried out offers a great piece of evidence of the state of the property before a tenant moves in. Although things like reasonable wear and tear are not the tenants responsibility, the property should be returned in the same standard of cleanliness as it was when they moved in. So the cleaning report gives you something to compare to once the rental contract comes to an end.

Most tenancies can last a year or even more if you have long-term renters, so having a record on file to refer back to is essential. If the property is not up to standards according to the check-in cleaning report and inventory, then you can charge for services needed from the deposit. This will appeal to your landlords, as they won’t have to pay for new fixes or extra cleaning that may have been the tenants fault. 

End of tenancy cleaning report formats

The lettings landscape is making huge progress in the way it operates, and the introduction of digital innovations is only improving the service agents can provide to both tenants and landlords.

In the past, end of tenancy cleaning reports may have constituted written up notes, or spot checks conducted by a team member. However, your reports can now be in even greater detail with a little help from the digital world. 

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if your cleaning suppliers don’t already, they should include before and after photos in your end of tenancy reports. Having a visual picture of the standard your property was handed over to tenants in, makes it even easier to identify damage or mess that isn’t covered in wear and tear. And like we mentioned earlier, this will help resolve any potential disputes in a timely manner because there’s clear evidence to refer back to. Photo reports are also a great way to keep your landlords happy as they provide visual updates of the condition of their property without them having to visit. It saves them effort, and at the same time puts their mind at rest knowing that you’re taking care of their portfolio.

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