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I am on a mission to help London's Letting Agents increase their re-lets, management retention and profits by improving the service their contractors provide to their landlords.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

I am often asked what constitutes a professional clean? Does it just mean that you paid for it to be done? Or can a tenant or landlord achieve a professional clean on their own?It’s a good question – the answer is that when letting agents and inventory clerks use the term “professionally clean” they are […]

Why letting agents should control the price of their contractors

I recently encouraged a client of ours to reduce the amount of money they pay us. They weren’t the first either, I have been doing this for a couple of years now and more and more of them are listening. Am I mad? Why would I do that? It’s revolves around how Letting Agents’ Preferred […]

Relets – how to maintain landlord relationships and grow your letting agency profitably

In a recent poll Landlords cited issues with contractors as the second biggest reason why they decided not to relet. There were two elements to this – poor quality work and overcharging. I’m sure you are all wondering what the number one reason was… keep reading and I’ll tell you at the end. Before we […]

Thanks to our cleaners

This is a quick post to bring some attention to, and show my appreciation for, our amazing teams of cleaners. These guys and girls have shown amazing resolve and fortitude over the last few months to help us to be able to continue to provide the service our clients have needed. Whilst the majority of […]

Ten lessons learned from ten years as an MD in London’s property market

This year is our company’s tenth birthday so what better time to write a list of what we’ve learned in the last decade. Hope you enjoy it. 1. Treat your colleagues with respect And they will treat your business, and most importantly, your customers with the same respect. The opposite is also true. 2. The […]

A trip down memory lane

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Green Kite’s first ever inventory and as with all birthdays it has prompted a wave of nostalgia. In particular it has lead me to chew over what inspired us to start the business all those years ago and how things have changed in the last decade. I moved […]